How to Buy a $100 Laptop

Buying a $100 laptop is a good idea if you are looking for something cheap that does not have to have all the bells and whistles. If you are only using your laptop to browse the internet, How to buy weed dc check you email, play simple games, or just checking your email. Most people do not need to have a power processor or 80 gig bites of space. So getting a laptop for $100 is not necessarily a bad idea.

What you should be looking for?

Well I recommend a laptop that has at least 1.4 GHz processor. That will give you the power you need to do all the basic thing you need it for. That will not limit your selection too much. I would also recommend getting a laptop that does not Vista installed on it, Septic tank cleaning at the time of this writing it is still too buggy. Stay with Mac OS 10 or Windows XP. Do not go any lower in platforms, like window millennium. Avoid Window Millennium like the plague! Trust me you are not getting a deal if you buy a windows Millennium Laptop, you are buying a head ache!

You will also need about 40 to 60 gig bites of hard drive space. This will give you enough to storage space for music and movies. If you have a zillion song or movies you want to download go for 60 gig bites or higher, they take up a lot of space on your hard drive. If you are in this category you might also want to look into an external hard drive, or might need a laptop that is a little more than a $100.

Make sure the laptop has USB 2.0. If it does not you will have a lot of trouble hooking up to other external devices, like thumb drives and possibly printers. If it does not have that just be aware that you are limited.

Make sure it can hook up to a T1 cable and has or can use a wireless card. This is very important. You will very slowed down if your laptop does not have these things. Part of the fun of laptop is that you can take it everywhere. Today most coffee shop have free wifi, psilo gummies so will want to take advantage of that.

Make sure you get a laptop with a 12 inch screen or higher. I like the resolution to over 1000 pixels. This will you the enough screen real estate.

One place I would be very cautious buying a laptop from is Craiglsit or Yard Sales. You can get a really good deals there, I would just make sure it one not stolen, and two is meet all of the requirements. Always meet people on craiglist during the day, never at night. If you decide to buy your laptop online, check the store rating, they often provide good feed back and help you weed out the scams. For more info visit here:-


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