2006 Buffalo Gold Coins, the USA’s First Pure Gold Coins

Buffalo Gold circa 2006

You may be asking yourself exactly why 2006 was a big year for the United States Gold Mint. It was in fact the first year pure gold coins were ever minted by the US treasury in the countries entire history. Prior to this year the Liberty Dollars were available, whybitcoinprice but they differ from the buffalo gold coins in the fact that they have a small part of copper added during the construction to add a bit of hardness.

These beautiful coins are minted only by the United States government. The original concept comes from a 1913 Buffalo nickel. As you well can see it features a profile of a Native American with the flip side featuring a Buffalo.

Over the past few years a couple of versions have been minted. You can select either a Proof quality or a Mint quality coin. The major difference between the two ufa168live is in the indicated value. A mint is un-circulated and do not have announced figures like its cohort the proof. Proofs will always be a bit more expensive due to reduced production,etc.

The minted value of a Buffalo coin is $50 which is a far cry from the actual value of the .99% of 24kt gold, which is roughly 800-1000$ USD. Stair Treads

The US Mint has made it public that these coins will be produced yearly in the spring in small quantities. These will surely go down in history as a wonderful investment for the future as gold prices steadily climb. Even for an avid collector no collection would ever be complete without this auspicious and awesome buffalo gold coin. These are one of the most sought after in any coin collectors collections.

If you are not attracted by the mega value of these gold coins, chronicleshub then surely golds legendary allure and beauty can be seen and even at an extra value a true awesome investment in your future that is real and usable not to mention beautiful.


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