Bird Watching in India – Rare Species for Bird Watchers to Catch Sight Of

Are you a curious bird watcher who just loves to solve questions regarding birds & their habitats, Vintage Omega to simply watch them, or to enjoy their chirping? If yes, then a Bird watching holiday in India is what you should not miss.

Birding in India can be an exciting experience for nature lovers and bird watchers. From singing cuckoos to dancing peacocks, YTMP3 India has been rich with bird species with sheer dynamics & impressive diversity.

Bird watching tours to Indian Wildlife Sanctuaries & National parks are arranged by the tourist guides & travel experts for better sighting & bird knowledge. The most popular species of birds that can be spotted on Bird watching holidays in India are: Youtube to MP3

Indian Peafowl – Both male & female breeds of Indian Peafowl have fun shaped crest on their head. The most attractive part of them is the fan or train of feathers hogar extending into a shining blue back. They are one of the most colorful birds. They are generally found all over India, being majorly spotted in Kanha, Ranthambore national park & Sariska Tiger reserve.

Great Indian Bustard – Males are 120 cms long & females are generally 92 cms long. Underparts & neck is white, wyklady upperparts brown in color. Having a black clown on its forehead, the bird looks very pretty. Mostly visible in the Lala-Parjau sanctuary in Gujarat and Desert National Park in Rajasthan, can easily be spotted on Bird watching tour to these destinations.

Sarus Crane – The bird has good height of upto 200 cms with a wingspan of eight feet, onlineearns stands as tall as the man. Has long red legs, head & upper neck red in color, beautiful white crown covered with green skin. It is the world’s tallest flying bird, can be spotted in India at the Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary, Madhav National Park, Bhindawas bird Sanctuary, Bharatpur National Park.

Indian Roller – Also known as Blue Jay, buy magic mushrooms online the bird is 13 inches long with a large head & short neck. Crown, lower wings & tail of this bluish bird are green in color. Indian Roller is mostly spotted in India in the Corbett National Park, Nagarhole National Park, Kanha National Park, Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary, Rajaji National Park. The amazing atmosphere with the calm greenery will spell you bound with an exciting experience during your Birding in India. If you are simply curious to watch the beautiful rarely seen birds in their natural habitat and love to listen to their melodious songs, then plan a Bird watching tour to India with a travel expert and check out the famous bird sanctuaries of India. For more info please visit here:-


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