Diagnostic Equipment on the Mobile Service Van – Changing Tradition

So many people today appreciate the convenience that technology brings to their lives, Indian prints in Western cuts but persist in seeing auto repair methods as a never changing routine. They know engines have been computerized, but still envision the greasy auto mechanic, elbow deep in the engine, in his shop trying to “find the problem”.

If that is the view you have of modern auto repair services then you are in for a wonderful surprise. The same technology which brings you so many luxuries in your life has also impacted the auto industry. Thanks to computerization, mobile mechanic mobile service vans can carry the equipment needed to diagnose the problems with the most current engines and auto electrical systems.

Fast and Accurate

So what does this mean? It means that Mobile Car Care can bring the auto shop without the grease, natu-real unless grease is needed, to wherever you car is parked. Mobile auto repair services provide state-of-the-art diagnostic ability for your ultimate convenience. The best news is that you are getting the same quality service you would get if you left your car at the repair shop all day.

The computer diagnostic machine which is carried on the van equipped for roadside service is high tech and designed to enable the technician to give fast and accurate service. In essence, spacetimenews the primary diagnostic equipment is a computer which can be connected to your engine or electrical circuit. The computer then does a diagnostic check which results in fault codes displayed on a monitor.

The codes tell the repair technician the exact problems. The fault codes are cross referenced to a listing of codes and each code has a description of the likely mechanical, zoldfulprogram electrical, or component failure. The old days of “test this” and “test that” are often eliminated thanks to technology. Mobile Car Care makes sure the latest diagnostic programs are accessed and that mobile van equipment is kept up-to-date.

Of course, not everyone drives a new car. There are plenty of five year, ten year, sporttipp and older cars on the road. You can still rely on the mobile service van for great auto, truck, and van repairs because technicians are trained to repair early and late model vehicles.

All in One

The roadside mobile van brings you the testing equipment, gudu repair equipment, and the technician in one unit. The kind of diagnostic equipment carried includes the following.

* Scan Tools / Diagnostic Computers

* Cooling system diagnostic/pressure tester

* Fuel injection tester

* Electrical system tester

* Ignition system tester

* Diagnostic computer for accessing technical information and fault codes

* Spare parts including thermostats, belts, gooddecisions fuses and cables

* Hand tools and a variety of small testing equipment

This is a short listing to give you an idea of the comprehensive repair equipment carried on a Mobile Car Care van. In most cases, raleighpublicrecord the vehicle repair can be completed wherever your car is parked or has broken down. But in the event the vehicle must be towed to the workshop, our roadside service company is prepared to get that job done too.


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