What To Do In Newport News

It’s no surprise that when you’re visiting Virginia linkography that you’ll have a host of cultural activities to indulge in since the state has been a player in the history of America since before there was an America. That being said, sometimes it can be hard to pick out exactly what to do in any one spot. With that in mind, here are some of your options on things to do when you’re visiting Newport News.

Leave Newport News
OK, I’m not actually saying that you should turn around and just leave the city, clickography but if you’re in Newport News that means you’re in the greater Hampton Roads area, which means you can do more things than just run around in the city. With Virginia Beach and Norfolk just down the road, you can spend a day at the beach enjoying some fun in the sun or visit the naval base at Norfolk, a great stop for anybody that’s been in the Navy.

Both Virginia Beach webmash and Norfolk can be visited in a single day without having to get a hotel room and by starting in Newport News you’ll avoid a lot of the traffic that others in Virginia have to deal with when visiting those locations.

Visit a Museum
As previously stated, Virginia is loaded with cultural and historical places to visit. Newport News has numerous museums to visit, with a different museum for every taste. With the Virginia War Museum, editorspick the Mariner’s Museum, and the US Army Transportation Museum all being an easy visit, if military history is your thing, Newport News definitely has you covered.

If you’d prefer something less military focused, the Virginia Living Museum combines aspects from a museum, botanical garden, park, aquarium, and wildlife preserve in one location. This is a great place to take kids and is perfect for days when the weather outside is perfect. stardirectory

For those that would rather check out art instead of history, the Peninsula Fine Arts Center and Ferguson Center for the Arts are both available to those staying in the city looking to enhance their cultural awareness through art instead of history.

Go Shopping
There’s nothing wrong with doing some shopping, wiredsites and Newport News has plenty of places for you to spend your money. Patrick Henry Mall has all of the stores that you’d associate with a major mall and is perfect on a rainy day when you’re looking to get out of your room and maybe pick up something nice to wear.

If you’re looking to avoid the mall crowds, there are plenty of smaller stores around the city, many of which are uniquely Virginia and Hampton Roads in their offerings. These stores are perfect for those looking to get souvenirs of their time in Newport News and Virginia.

Whether you want to play or watch, Rappahannockhealth Newport News is a sports haven. With several minor league teams in a variety of sports, anybody looking to catch a quick game certainly has their pick of what to do. If you’d rather do than watch, Newport News has plenty of golf courses to choose from, bhaktimarga making it easy to work on your short game or to just hit some balls at the driving range.


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